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Blog merchandising is not all that hard if you recognize what your plan of action will be, if this is your very first blog and you are wondering how to get readers to it then you are in the right place. First off, let me just say that marketing your site will currently require your patience, and being consistent. You will have to update your blog frequently if you want to keep readers returning to your site for more information. We are all guilty of making a blog, wanting it to be great, putting only one entry into it and then never come again to update it. I think everyone in cyber world has done this at one time or another. Here are some great resources to utilize when trying to get your blog out there and getting new traffic to your site.

Make sure that your blog has the trackback component Let me tell you why. When you have the trackback feature on your website, you are allowing other people to tie-in to your blog. Maybe someone has a post on their blog that is relevant to one of yours. They can apply the talkback to your post, and send their readers to your pages so that they recall what they are referring to. Another good thing to remember is that if someone gives you a trackback, it is a common courtesy to return one to their webpage if at all possible.

Having a Google account and submitting a sitemap is almost a must when you are online selling. This will allow Google be aware of how often you are updating your blog and they will automatically notice of any changes that you have made to it as well. This will permit Google to get those new pages indexed faster and get them into exploration results much faster than if you didn’t not have the sitemap. There is a certain way you have to do the sitemap for Google, and they can explain that to you. Just be certain this is an significant step to blogs marketing.

Exchanging links with authority blogs and websites that are in your same market is another great direction to get the word out about your webpage. The dominance sites are progressing to have a higher page rank, and will also be listed high in Google’s search results. So do some searches and check those out and see if they are up to exchanging links. If they are not, you could always as well add those into your blogroll. You do not need permission to do that if they are not into linking. However, in the world of blogs, most site owners are thankful for all links, and are willing to give back the favor.

You will need to be sure that all of your posts are formatted. Doing so will leave out any confusion for the search engines and you will have everything nice and neat and all organized. The label tags are there for a reason when you are dealing with blogs. So using them and not leaving them out is a great idea.

Tracking is another part of blogs marketing that is so very important. You want to be capable to track your visitors and clickers to know where they are approaching from. You want to be proficient on what keywords they searched for to location your blog and who is conducting the searching. Doing so will help take out all of the guess work when it comes to blog distribution of products. You will know what keywords are working, and which are not.

Allowing RSS feeds from your blog is also another great campaign tool. You are going to discover that when you allow RSS feeds, your blog is going to end up all over the web with a connection back to it and that is a good thing. This is a wonderful device to get links to your blog with little or no effort. Those that subscribe to your blog’s RSS feeds are able to also post your blog content on their sites. Which in return gives you a link on their site or page that they have you on.

Blog merchandising is only as hard as you make it. Use these tips and get your content out there and seen today!

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