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3 Best Ways to Attract Highly Qualified Affiliates to Your Internet Business

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Three Awesome Ways:



In internet business, one of the most powerful ways to boost up your gross income is to build an affiliate program. It can be the single smartest thing you do to grow your business and build residual income. Due to the nature of the affiliate marketing system, it affords you to the power of leverage and numbers to increase your results by the efforts of your affiliates. When developing an affiliate program for your internet business, the first hurdle is initially getting a high number of revenue-generating affiliates to join and structuring the system for long term and low effort results. To build this type of system in your internet business, follow the 3 primary steps…Research, Recruiting and Training.


The first step towards building your affiliate program is to recruit affiliates to your internet business. You don’t want just any affiliates though; you want affiliates to join that are going to being highly success. If they make a lot of sales, you make and lot of money. So, how do you find these top level affiliates?

Use software called SEO Elite. SEO Elite is a great tool to locate websites within a niche. Once found, it reveals lots of different information which allows you to assume the success of the site. Normally, this is used to find Link Partners. A Link Partner is someone that owns a link or site related to your niche and internet business. For example, you could type in “running shoes” in the software and it pulls up many sites that are about running shoes. Then, it ranks them based upon their traffic, page rank .

However, there is also a secret use for SEO Elite that they never designed but is used every single day. Use it to research sites and internet businesses that you would like to recruit to your affiliate program. When you run the report in SEO Elite, normally it will generate 500-700 links/sites related to the search field. The software exposes traffic statistics about each site. The higher the traffic means that the site and owner probably are successful and educated about internet business. These are the type of potential high level affiliate you will want to attract into your affiliate program. Export the data and start contacting the owners of the sites and inviting them to join your affiliate program.


The software has a built-in function that allows you to easily send a pre-written email (you should customize it) to the sites that you are interested in contacting. In the email, include information such as the benefits of your product, how the products are appropriate for their list, the method of and how often you pay affiliate commission, and the affiliate commission percentage you offer. Make sure to give them your affiliate sign-up link so it is really easy for them to join.

Since the software already ranks each site based upon traffic, you can prioritize who to contact as higher traffic sites are generally more successful and will tend to become an income-generating affiliate for you! This is a really quick and easy way to find some of your best affiliates.


The next and final step of building a successful affiliate program for your internet business is offering training and affiliate resources that are easy for your affiliates to use. The training you include will teach affiliates exactly how to increase sales and become super affiliates. It is recommended that you create an affiliate training center. You can deliver training in many different ways such as email, teleconferences, Q&A, affiliate forums, audio postcards, affiliate training blogs and LIVE events. Choose a method that is best for you and make sure that you keep your affiliates learning and updated on new affiliate marketing techniques.

The resources will be actual tools that they use to make those sales. Some examples of resources that you should offer are solo emails, banners, keyword lists, example pay-per-click ads, text link ads, product reviews and blog reviews. It is recommended that you build an affiliate site where all the affiliate tools and resources are located.

The better you build your affiliate program, the more successful your internet business will be. Quantity is not always preferable to quality when it comes to affiliate management. It is important to research and recruit successful affiliate and to provide them with an affiliate training center so that they can continue to improve and make more sales. Provide all the sales material to them and make it really easy for them to access and use it. Affiliate programs can be an incredibly powerful tool to boost revenue in your internet business if they are constructed and managed correctly.

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Let Shawn Casey & Tellman Knudson show you how to make 1 million in a night

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These guys know what there doing.

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Open Class on ListBuilding

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I hope you’re having a great
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