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Internet Marketing and List Building: Teleseminars Can Be Very Lucrative

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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Do you know what topic you’re going to be list building around? If you want to succeed with Internet marketing, that’s absolutely key. You need to figure that out, and it basically can either be something you want to learn a lot about, or it can be something you already know a lot about. Either one is completely legitimate. The next step is to go ahead and invite a lot of people who have been list building, and who have lists and products to sell to take part in your teleseminar interview series.

For instance, what if you wanted to do a teleseminar series on golf, and that you know of several bestselling authors that want to sell more books and so, will agree to do a teleseminar series with you. What they do is they promote to your interview series. I’m sure you’ve seen this done before in the Internet marketing world. They promote to your interview series, and on the thank-you page, after people opt-in for that interview series, you sell a golfing product and they earn affiliate commission. Then you do your series of webinars or teleseminars, and presto! You’re list building and making money.

You sell their product at the end of the calls through your affiliate link. All of a sudden, they’re making money and you’re making money. You’re building up a series of recordings on a topic, again, that you either want to learn about and you know nothing about, so you become an inquisitive interviewer or a topic that you know something about so you become an expert interviewer.

This is a topic I have all this experience on such and such a topic. We’re interviewing you on this topic to find out what your thoughts or feelings are on it, and ask you these questions through your particular area of expertise of X, Y, and Z. Bam, bam, bam! You’re off and running.

You basically get 10 or 12 people in that topic who have lists to help you be list building, too, and that’s how you get started. That’s how I got started with Internet marketing.

Then what you do is you go to ClickBank and you find at least four products that apply to golfing. You buy them, and you read them or try them, and make sure that they’re great products. the next step is to offer them to the list that you’ve been building in your autoresponder series. You can start with four messages, but as time goes on, you may want to offer more and more to the people on your list. The more they come to respect and trust you, the more they’ll buy the products you recommend, and you’re making money. That’s just how Internet marketing works.

That’s really all there is to it. Set up an interview series with people in your niche. Put your list building on overdrive, using their lists, and then offer products to the list you’ve managed to build from the teleseminar series. Not only that, but if you record the series, you’ll have a product of your own! Internet marketing isn’t really that difficult. It’s all about list building and making money from that list. That’s really the Internet marketing secret.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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