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Internet Marketing – What Is Anchor Text and Why Should I Care?

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Why is anchor text important to my Internet marketing business?


One of the most important terms in search engine optimization is “anchor text.” Anytime you see a word or phrase that is hyperlinked, that’s “anchor text.” So, in theory, the text anchors the hyperlink on the page.

Why is anchor text important to my Internet marketing business? you might wonder.

Search engines follow anchor text to other parts of the Web. So, anytime you use anchor text it should be comprised of words or phrases that are keywords appropriate to your Internet marketing niche. When spiders follow those keywords from other sites to your website, they will see the same keywords in your copy on the page. For example, if you have “dog training” hyperlinked back to your site about training dogs from an article you uploaded to, and spiders follow it, they’ll see the same words and phrases at your site. They’ll understand that your website is about dog training. Use anchor text and point it back to your website enough times from other places, and over time, you’ll see your site rise in the search engine results pages.

But this will happen with any word. For example, when you search the phrase “click here,” you’ll find Adobe Acrobat Reader in the number one spot at Google. Why is this? Because so many webmasters use .pdf on their websites and usually put a link underneath that says, “If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here, to download the current version.” Or something like that. The important thing is that the words “click here,” are usually hyperlinked, making it anchor text leading back to Adobe.

This makes keyword research very important, if you want search engine traffic. When you choose inappropriate words, you won’t get much time or traffic because you’ll be out of your element. If you use Internet marketing as anchor text to your coin collecting website, not many people that search for Internet marketing will be interesting in collecting coins. So, the keywords you choose need to be appropriate to your niche, and they have to be words that you have a chance of ranking for. If you try to rank for a widely used term, like “click here,” your chances of success are nil.

One great place to do keyword research is at SEO Book’s keyword research tool, but you can use any number of others. Plug in a very broad term to start, and then, look down the list to find less competitive terms. When you’re in the 10,000 searches per month range, it’s probably time to stop. Terms below that might be easier to rank for, but they don’t get much traffic. Choose 3 to 5 keywords that you may be able to rank for, and make those words and phrases your keywords. Use them in articles, blog posts, forum comments, etc. and in each case, use the words as anchor text leading back to your website.

Knowing the importance of anchor text will help you to boost your search engine ranking. Just think of it as any word or phrase (text) that is hyperlinked. Once you begin placing links back to your site, using your keywords as anchor text, you’ll see your site rise in the search engine rankings for those keywords. If they’re relevant to your Internet marketing website, you’ll see not only more traffic, but targeted traffic that brings more optins and sales. Of course, this won’t happen over night, this process of continually linking back to your site will provide great results over time.

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