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Internet Marketing – Press Release Traffic, Part 3

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In our first article, we discussed what a press release is and why they’re important to your Internet marketing business. In part 2, we went over the structure of a press release and how it should be written. Today, let’s discuss PRWeb, and why putting a press release there is very important to your release being seen.

PRWeb is one of the biggest and most respected press release centers on the Web. Because of its size and stature, most Internet marketing people look to PRWeb first to get their announcement out to the world. Though there are many free distribution services out there, PRWeb ranks high because it allows you to submit releases that include not just hyperlinks back to your site, but pictures, podcasts, and video, as well. But it will cost you between $80 and $360 to place a release at that site.

At the $80 level, you can add your release without bells and whistles, but it’s still a great way to get out your information, and the amounts go up as the benefits increase. At the $360 level, for instance, you can add video. The best bang for your buck probably comes from the $200 release. For that amount, you can add anchor text to your release, and a picture. The picture feature is great because they drive people’s eyes to your headline in a very long list of releases. Though folks might stumble on it anyway, the picture is a very powerful way to get anyone who comes to the site to see the picture and to read further.

The $200 level also allows you to add social bookmarking tags for Technorati, which is the oldest and biggest blog search engine online. Bookmarking your press release is great because people in the blogosphere will see it, as well as people coming strictly to PRWeb. You get a wider audience and probably more clicks, trackbacks from blogs that your release relates to, and more traffic.

When you upload your press release, regardless of what site you’re uploading to, be sure that you follow the editorial guidelines. Press release editors are even more strict than article directory editors, and they will send the release back to you if you’re reporting about something that’s poorly written. Take some time to write the release, following the outline we gave you in Part 2 of this series, and you’re likely to have very little problem. But if you’re unsure, don’t worry. The editors are very willing to help you make your release publishable, especially after they’ve been paid.

Never underestimate the power of a press release. They can help drive targeted traffic to your website and get your message out to the masses. That’s what Internet marketing is all about, right? If no one knows about your business, you won’t do very well. Get the word out by writing press releases. If you’re nervous about using the high-cost sites, then stick to the free sites, until you’re comfortable with writing them. Just don’t neglect to do it. Press releases are powerful tools that your Internet marketing business can’t afford to overlook.

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