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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar | Internet Marketing: What Are Private Label Rights?

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When you first start out with Internet marketing, you may hear the term “private label rights,” (PLR) and have no idea what it means. That’s normal. Most of us don’t get the concept right away. So, what are they?

Private label rights apply to intellectual property, and in the Internet marketing world, this usually relates to articles, ebooks, software, websites, etc. Private label rights allow you to pay for a work once, modify it in any way you choose, and claim the new product as your own. And though the writer retains copyright, you get the right to sell or trade the private label rights content you have altered. You can even claim authorship of the work, but you can’t offer the original product or your new product for others to sell in the same way that you bought yours. Specific rights will come with your product in the Private Label Rights agreement, and they’re not identical throughout the Internet marketing world. Be sure you read the agreement thoroughly.

In order to sell the rights to someone else’s product, you need Master Resale Rights. These give you the right to market the product you buy in any way you see fit. You may not always alter it, unless PLR rights were sold along with it. However, you can sell that product to other people, and sometimes, add it as a bonus, give it away, etc. You can sell the right to sell it to others, too. But specific terms and conditions under which you can operate are spelled out in the Master Resale Rights agreement, which comes with your purchase and which you should read very carefully. As with PLR, Master Resale rights vary.

Private label rights materials can be distributed, though you’ll have to check to see whether there are any restrictions in the PLR agreement. Some products must be given away, for instance, while other materials can be freely distributed and sold. But if you’re buying and changing private label rights articles to distribute outside your own Internet marketing website, for instance, you may have some issues. Ezine articles, for instance, frowns on private label rights articles or anything written about using them. It’s easy to see why.

PLR articles are sold in packs and to many different buyers. They might be OK for your own website, but imagine the same article, even rewritten, being uploaded to an article directory. Directories don’t want a bunch of articles that are basically duplications of the same information that’s floating around in the same form throughout the Internet marketing world.

The one thing you must remember about using private label rights articles is that you will usually have to rewrite the content because it’s poorly written. That won’t always be the case, but if you want your article to be different from all the other PLR articles purchased out there, you’ll need to do some major surgery. Rewrite the piece until it’s quite different from what you received originally. If you don’t, that article won’t help you at all.

You’re just using duplicate content and you won’t get much search engine advantage or anything else for it. And imagine the customer that reads an article with someone else’s name on it at another site, and then comes to your website and sees the exact same article with your name as its author. This kind of confusion can hurt your Internet marketing business.

Private label rights can be great if you don’t want to sit down and come up with something from scratch. They give you a guideline for writing your own material. Just realize that unless you do a very good job of rewriting and making your articles very different, you won’t get much advantage. you may be limited in where you can place PLR articles and ebooks, and in what you can do with them, too. And remember, you can’t resell what you’ve bought unless Master Resale Rights were included. Use PLR wisely and not as the only way that you bring content to your site or onto the Web. They can be okay in a pinch, but I wouldn’t rely on them.

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