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Teleseminar | When should people start thinking about creating their own product?

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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People should start thinking about creating their own product after they’ve made $100,000.00 online. In my opinion. After they’ve made $100,000.00 online, because that first $100,000.00 will be the easiest money you’ve ever made in your life if you follow my instructions.

If you create your products first, it will be very, very challenging for you to make $1,000.00, $2,000.00, $5,000.00 or even $10,000.00 out of the gate. Unless you just happen to get lucky, which most people don’t.

So, step one is wait until you’ve made a hundred grand so you really have a solid feeling for the marketplace and what people are out there doing and what you can do to better, to improve the marketplace, to improve the products that are already out there.

However, the information, the knowledge, the ideas, the concepts, the principles, the inspiration that you have for your product, can be used and capitalized on in some massive ways, because if you have information that people want, but you’re not ready to create a product yet, you can use that information to sell other people’s products in the same market or industry, thus gaining a tremendously strong and powerful following that probably will trump the majority if not all of your competitors in that marketplace.

Here’s the deal: don’t think about making a product; think about providing value through the free information that you give people that you would have put in your product.

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Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series

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