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List Building | What If You Hate to Write?

Rick Here!

I’m just an Old Salt,

A Proud US Navy Veteran.

I Thank You All:

To Our Veterans.

I ask you all!

What was the hardest thing

that you had to do in the service?

The 2nd hardest thing  for me:

That I had to do, was to turn

a miss fired round on a

(Hot)  main gun.  You check all

your electric firing systems, no luck.

Then you check all your mechanical

firing systems, no luck. It time

to open the breach and turn the

round, will it be a COOK OFF.

I’m still here, and I Thank the

Load every day that the rounds

did not EXPLODE.


Some people just hate to write. Sitting down and using a pen or pencil or sitting in front of the computer screen gives people that horrible feeling of approach-avoidance. They know they should be writing articles and list building, but they just can’t do it. But articles are an awesome way to get traffic to your list building “squeeze” page and the circle continues into oblivion.

The fact is, you’re missing out on something so powerful that it’s one of the best list building tactics there is. Placing articles that stay around, sending one-way links to your list building page and getting you higher in the search engines is only one benefit.

Does that mean you can’t get that traffic?


You can buy PLR articles, right? PLR means “private label rights,” and it relates to articles that you have the right to change any way you want, and then, take credit for. You’ll get a package of pre-written articles, and then, you read them and make significant changes to them so that they’re your own. You really don’t want to use them “as-is” because other people are bound to do that, and that’s a very bad way to go.

First, when you’re list building, you’re going to use your list building page’s URL in the author’s signature area of the article. When you send the people who have signed up for your list to that article, what if they’ve read it before, with someone else’s name on it? Or, what if they find the same thing later, after having read your article? They’ll think you plagiarized it, unless they’re savvy to PLR. Not very good for credibility when you’re list building, right?

So, what you want to do is to take the PLR article and add something to it. It can be a paragraph to introduce the article and another paragraph to end it. You can “wrap” the article with your own thoughts and/or information and be unique.

But if you still don’t want to mess with word manipulation, and if you want to maintain a stellar traffic system to keep your list building, you’ll pay a writer to write articles for you. You can usually find writers at for instance. It’s that simple.

But you need to concentrate on one form of traffic until you get really good. So, you get the articles, and they’re about list building, let’s say. You’re using them in an autoresponder series, at the bottom of which, you sell the affiliate product you picked up at So now, you need to upload them to a directory.

That will be our next topic…

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