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Teleseminar Training Series | List Building : Working with Partners to Build Your List

Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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Do you have a partners in your online ventures? What kind of people are they?

Are the you and the other person similar or supportive in the way that they think about things? What I mean when I ask that are one or both of you idea people? Or is one an idea person and the other person a follow-through consistency person?

If you’re both idea people, my suggestion would be that you work on separate projects, but you help each other come up with the ideas to make those projects a reality.

If one of you is an idea person and the other a consistency person, I might work more in a joint venture capacity, on a common vision. The reason is, the idea people like to come up with the ideas, lead the way, and get things started. Consistency people get a lot out of making things happen, and feel a lot of satisfaction when a project is complete.

That doesn’t mean that two idea people can’t work together. They absolutely can. But sometimes you have to find out what the boundaries are first. I’ve had a lot of challenges working with other idea people, even though I prefer to hang out with them in a lot of ways for the idea stimulation. I can’t get as much done. We can’t accomplish as much and be as successful in many cases.

How does this relate to list building?

Well, if both of you are just starting out with list building, you can divvy up the chores. When one of you is an idea person, maybe that person can come up with the offer. What will you offer people to join your list—more information about a product you’ve developed? A report of some kind? An ebook? Whatever it is, maybe the idea person would be good for coming up with that. The linear thinker, the person who is consistent, can create the report or find someone to write it. They can build the squeeze page or hire someone to do that. You have to find your strengths and weaknesses and work within those to make your project great.

Working with partners is a great way to get things done faster, but it has to be the right combination of partners. You’ll find that some people are impossible to work with, while others just make things easy and smooth. Choose your partners wisely, and back away from people who are just too hard to work with. Trying to make things like that take more work than you have time to waste.

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 Disabled Veterans Teleseminar Training Series 

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