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The ListBuilding Club Is Solid, Understandable Training


Rick Here!

The listbuilding Club is AWESOME, I can Highly Endorse this program.


Overcome Everything has provided some of the best training for Internet marketing on the Web today.

Why? you may wonder

Never has there been a course set up so that new, intermediate, and advanced Internet marketers can gain from the becoming a member. Learning is provided in step-by-step video training, in written form via articles, and in audio form so that visual, tactile, and auditory learners can all benefit from what the company has put together.

New marketers can find their way immediately as the training begins with something as important, and yet as simple, as finding a niche, buying a domain name, and setting up a hosting account. But to further their ability to make a mark online and to begin building a list, club gets new marketers to come away with a WordPress blog set up and ready to go in just 5 lessons.

The basic level of membership also includes a 3-hour “Marathon” call every month where Overcome Everything staff members answer questions about the month’s content and other nagging issues that people may be experiencing in their businesses. Every member of the ListBuilding Club, regardless of their membership level, is invited to join in this call.

For intermediate marketers, there are tutorials on different forms of traffic, on creating a product, and on using social media to its best advantage. The ListBuilding Club gold membership includes a monthly newsletter and what Tellman calls a monthly “MindJack,” in which he provides hypnotic inducements toward self-help, such as stopping procrastination, gaining self-esteem, and ending fear and anxiety. This gold level also includes a monthly Website Spotlight call when three to five gold level members’ websites are critiqued by members of the Overcome Everything staff.

The experienced marketer, who needs more specific advice, might enjoy ListBuilding 4-1-1, a video help line whereby members can ask one question about anything they’re having trouble with per day. Within 24 hours, the questions are answered in video format by a member of the Overcome Everything team or even by Tellman himself. This level of membership also includes all the benefits of the gold membership level, and it’s not strictly for experienced marketers. Anyone is eligible to join.

The ListBuilding Club prices for membership are $67 for a basic version with video, written, and audio instruction. The Gold version includes the basics, as well as the materials outlined above for $97. ListBuilding 4-1-1 membership is $497 per month.

The only drawback to the ListBuilding Club is that you spend very little time with Tellman at the basic or gold levels. However, this issue is moot, since he has trained such a highly-capable staff.

For the money, I’d say that The ListBuilding Club is well worth the investment. You can spend a lot of money on several different products and only get some of the information inside the club at half the quality. If you’re looking to start a business or move a business forward, look into the ListBuilding Club. It could be the perfect answer to any Internet marketing frustrations you’re anxious to remove. Start making more money and growing your business with the least amount of confusion.

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