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The ListBuilding Club Is Solid, Understandable Training


Rick Here!

The listbuilding Club is AWESOME, I can Highly Endorse this program.


Overcome Everything has provided some of the best training for Internet marketing on the Web today.

Why? you may wonder

Never has there been a course set up so that new, intermediate, and advanced Internet marketers can gain from the becoming a member. Learning is provided in step-by-step video training, in written form via articles, and in audio form so that visual, tactile, and auditory learners can all benefit from what the company has put together.

New marketers can find their way immediately as the training begins with something as important, and yet as simple, as finding a niche, buying a domain name, and setting up a hosting account. But to further their ability to make a mark online and to begin building a list, club gets new marketers to come away with a WordPress blog set up and ready to go in just 5 lessons.

The basic level of membership also includes a 3-hour “Marathon” call every month where Overcome Everything staff members answer questions about the month’s content and other nagging issues that people may be experiencing in their businesses. Every member of the ListBuilding Club, regardless of their membership level, is invited to join in this call.

For intermediate marketers, there are tutorials on different forms of traffic, on creating a product, and on using social media to its best advantage. The ListBuilding Club gold membership includes a monthly newsletter and what Tellman calls a monthly “MindJack,” in which he provides hypnotic inducements toward self-help, such as stopping procrastination, gaining self-esteem, and ending fear and anxiety. This gold level also includes a monthly Website Spotlight call when three to five gold level members’ websites are critiqued by members of the Overcome Everything staff.

The experienced marketer, who needs more specific advice, might enjoy ListBuilding 4-1-1, a video help line whereby members can ask one question about anything they’re having trouble with per day. Within 24 hours, the questions are answered in video format by a member of the Overcome Everything team or even by Tellman himself. This level of membership also includes all the benefits of the gold membership level, and it’s not strictly for experienced marketers. Anyone is eligible to join.

The ListBuilding Club prices for membership are $67 for a basic version with video, written, and audio instruction. The Gold version includes the basics, as well as the materials outlined above for $97. ListBuilding 4-1-1 membership is $497 per month.

The only drawback to the ListBuilding Club is that you spend very little time with Tellman at the basic or gold levels. However, this issue is moot, since he has trained such a highly-capable staff.

For the money, I’d say that The ListBuilding Club is well worth the investment. You can spend a lot of money on several different products and only get some of the information inside the club at half the quality. If you’re looking to start a business or move a business forward, look into the ListBuilding Club. It could be the perfect answer to any Internet marketing frustrations you’re anxious to remove. Start making more money and growing your business with the least amount of confusion.

To Your Success
List Pros
Rick Burdo

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Internet Marketing and List Building – Who Needs Squeeze Pages?

Rick here!

You need a List.


When you’re new to Internet marketing, terms are flying past you at the speed of light, and you have no idea what they mean to your Internet marketing business. I’ve been there and so has everyone involved in the Internet marketing world. You need some time to learn what you should know, and then, you’ll still need to keep learning because you’ll never know it all. However…

You can learn some things to get you started pretty quickly. You can have your Internet marketing business bringing in cash while learning, and it’s not that hard to do.

The first thing to understand is that Internet marketing success is based on list building. Without a list of subscribers, you have no one to sell things to. So, you need a list of people who you can build a rapport with, people who will trust you, and who will follow your recommendations. One way to make that happen is by building a squeeze page and setting an HTML code for your autoresponder service in it.

But, if you don’t have a clue about building web pages or HTML, there are ways to be building your list right away without a squeeze page. You may not be ready for that. There are other ways. Let’s discuss one of those today.

Co-registration is the fastest and easiest way to start building a list, and I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, have you ever ordered magazines from a list of magazines? Each one has a checkbox beside it and you choose the magazines you want to buy, right?

Co-registration works that way, too. In a co-registration form, there will be several different offers. Some will be newsletters, some will be special reports, and some might be ebooks or courses, or whatever. So, write for short articles about your niche and advertise them as an email course. At the end of each one, offer a product to the reader that applies to the email. Also be sure that it’s something you’ve tried and want to recommend to other people. Then, write a short ad for this series, and use that for your co-registration ad.

Your short ad will be shown with those from other Internet marketing people, just like you, and the co-registration service advertises the page for you. They also guarantee you a certain number of sign-ups per month. You will pay them according to how many people you want to add to your list each month, but the fee is usually nominal.

You will have to spend money for an autoresponder, too. Though you can buy your own software, keeping the names straight and making sure you’re in compliance with the law is a hassle you don’t need. Right now, AWeber is the best autoresponder for Internet marketing, but there are other services available. Whatever you choose, the service will give you an email address to use for your autoresponder, and you’ll pass that along to your co-registration service.

Autoresponder services handle confirmation of sign-up, which will help you to protect yourself from spam complaints. The laws in the United States are very specific about how we can collect names and verifying registration is a step toward that protection. People often forget that they signed up for things, but when there’s proof of confirmation, your Internet Service account will be well protected. Nobody wants to lose their ISP or to be fined because of a spam complaint.

There are many ways to be list building in the Internet marketing arena, and they don’t all involve using a squeeze page. Being a little creative can sometimes save you time, energy and money. Co-registration is certainly one of those ways. Try one of the reputable services and see how well it works for you.

Tellman Knudson, CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc., is a master list builder and well-known for his List Building Club. Tellman teaches students how to build a successful online business. Create your successful business from his step-by-step videos at:

To Your Success
List Pros
Rick Burdo
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Internet Business – Is it Time For a Career Move?

Rick Here!

Awesome Article, Enjoy:

It’s time for a career change, but to what? Affiliate Management is definitely the way to go! It is a growing and exciting career. It requires a combination of skills such as organization, creativity and leadership to work together in harmony. Best of all, it is a highly sought after position. A successful Affiliate Manager can create an enormous income stream for an internet business or offline companies and are handsomely rewarded. The top 3 benefits of being an Affiliate Manager are income level, networking and hiring demand both in internet business and offline.

Normally, affiliate managers get a base pay plus incentive income based upon performance. They usually get a bulk monthly payment, retainer, or base salary. Typically, the monthly base payment will range between $2,000-$5,000. Then, they also get paid a pre-determined percentage, usually 5%-10% for every sale that is generated through the affiliate program as a result of their efforts. As an affiliate program grows and gets bigger, it can become highly financially rewarding for both the affiliate, affiliate manager and the owner of the internet business or an offline company. This payment structure allows for the affiliate manager to have the best of both financial worlds; security from a base and increased financial opportunity due to performance.

As in most industries, including internet business, a quick way to climb the latter of success is to get in with the big dogs! It is important and beneficial to meet and network with lots of powerful people. The pure nature of affiliate management does exactly this. To run a successful affiliate program, it is required that the individual work closely with affiliate; those who own their own businesses. Many times, affiliates are already making sales which, prequalifies them as being someone with a level influence and success. As with any business, one’s success is often times related to the people you know, can learn from and are influenced by.

Affiliate management is not just a position in internet business. It is becoming increasingly popular in the offline world due to the revenue generating power of the system. Most large offline companies have affiliate programs and need skilled affiliate managers. Take a look at or other job posting/seeking sites and you will see that companies are posting jobs and hiring affiliate managers all of the time. It is a position that is in high demand right now, both in internet business and offline.

Tellman Knudson, CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc., is a master list builder and well-known for his List Building Club. Tellman teaches students how to build a successful online business. Create your successful business from his step-by-step videos at:

To Your Success

List Pros

Rick Burdo

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Open Class on ListBuilding

Rick Here!


I hope you’re having a great
start to your week, but even if
you’re not, I’ve got some news
that should turn it around 🙂
My friends Tellman Knudson and
Shawn Casey are holding a live
tele-class on ListBuilding…
The best part is, it’s open to the public!

First of all, in case you don’t
know who these two knuckleheads are,
Tellman Knudson is probably the
worlds greatest expert on ListBuilding…
Over the past four years, he’s built
a multi-million dollar online business,
all while working out of his home,
and he started with only 50 bucks.
(pretty awesome success story)
and he did it all with ListBuilding!
Shawn Casey has been making a
fortune online for years, he’s
the guy Frank Kern refers to as:
“Old Man Casey”
He used his online business to
afford his dream home, which is
right near his favorite golf course…
he wouldn’t be where he is
without ListBuilding –
They both make millions of dollars
a year, live in awesome dream houses,
and charge thousands of dollars for
but these guys are going to
show you the ropes…for nothing!
this Tele-Class is going to be awesome,
and it’s f.r.e.e. – so it’ll fill up
REALLY fast…
If you want to learn how you can
make or exceed your full time income
all while working from the comfort
of your house then you need to sign
up quick.
Like I said, anyone can sign up
for this class – but it’s going to
fill up very fast- so go here to
sign up now!
To Your Success

List Pros

Rick Burdo

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Listbuilding: Join The Club

get un-stuck, for just a buck
Rick Here!
Happy New Year To All!
May you all have a healthy, safe and prosper
All it take is a buck to get un-stuck.
when you’re looking at your screen,
tearing out hair and wondering:
“why can’t I get past this frustrating
crap and actually start making money”
… it’s time to step back.
Ask yourself:
What have I done online this year
that’s made me real money?
if it’s a short list, then you need to
think about switching focus.
every major online success story
has a chapter on ListBuilding.
from Microsoft to Barack Obama,
big online successes require big
lists of prospective customers …
oh I know what you’re thinking:
“but Obama wasn’t selling anything”
well if you believe that, talk to one
of the millions of people he sold “hope”
to in small $15-$20 increments all
year long.
and imagine how hard it would have
been to raise those millions without
ListBuilding makes online business
possible, because it’s the ultimate key
to getting traffic on demand.
When you can push a button and send
hundreds, even thousands of people
exactly where you want, then you’ve
graduated to the “un-stuck” crowd.
It’s power like that that let my friend Tellman
go from $50 in a cramped apartment, to
running his own multi million dollar a year
And thankfully for all of us, he’s truly devoted
to showing the little guy how it’s done.
I’ve learned a lot from Tellman, and I’d like
to take this fleeting opportunity to say, on
the record, that I wouldn’t be sending you
this post without the principles he teaches.
you wouldn’t even know who I am.
If you want to learn ListBuilding from the best,
then you need to learn from Tellman, and now
you can do that for just a dollar:
It’s a one dollar trial to his ListBuilding Club.
The Trial Lasts a Whole Month.
It’s a standard “continuity program”
so if you don’t cancel your membership
by the end of the trial, then you’ll be
charged for the next month.
($67 bucks is the regular monthly cost)
I  wanted me to make sure you know
exactly what the deal is before you
even see the next page.
Now that you know how the billing works,
let me tell you why you should:
a) join immediately
b) stay in the club forever:
The ListBuilding Club is more than
just a website, it’s an ongoing education.
What you’ll be DOING inside the club is simple,
you’ll be watching videos that show you step by
step, exactly what to do, (and how) to:
-build a website
-build a list
-and start cashing in.
Each month, there’s new awesome
content added, but since it’s been
running for well over a year now,
you can get all the previous months
content right away.
There’s 107 videos and counting,
and if you pay the buck, and start
going through them, then by the
end of the month, you’ll be completely…
So there it is…
if you’re trying to figure out what you
should be doing, and more importantly,
what you can do for almost no-dough
to start seeing real success…
take the trial, join the club…
…and stick around so you can learn
everything Tellman Knows.
It seriously can’t hurt.
But it CAN be the turning point
in your online career.
He’s got over 500 testimonials from
happy students to prove that this isn’t
just another product, it’s an education
turns newbies into marketers.
You can get to them all from the next page:
It’s time to get un-stuck like me…
I’ll see you when you get here.
To Your Outstanding Success,
List Pros
Rick Burdo
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