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Rick Here!

A Proud Veteran.

Do you like to play the Lottery?

What about the Draft Lottery?

My Draft lottery number was a #3.

Should I head for the boarder or

enlist, I enlisted in the US Navy.


So, you have an ebook to give away?

I would do two things:

Number one is that I would do as much as I could to force the opt-in to your list before they get the ebook.

Number two is that I would assume that people are going to spread the ebook anyway. They’re going to give it to their friends and family anyway, which means these new readers are not going to have to join your list to get your ebook.

So, you want a call to action within the ebook, too. That call to action can be, “Get your extra bonus here.” You can put that in the footer of every page of the ebook. Give them another opportunity to opt in and become part of your list.

Whether you’re using a free ebook, to build buzz and spread the word around about a new product launch or you’re just giving the book away to build your list, never neglect to monetize the back end.

What you do is one of two things: You set up an affiliate program and the affiliate program is ultimately giving away the free ebook and consequently, selling the back end to anyone who opts in to your list.

Do a teleseminar, get it recorded, and get it transcribed. Then, immediately do an “Ask” campaign to find out what people on your list want to know about your niche, and then get more people on your list by promoting the free teleseminar. At the end of the free teleseminar, you sell the as-yet-to-be-completed home study course—the three-part live teleseminar series.


Free ebook?

Get it out there, immediately upsell those who opt-in on the thank-you page. However you’re doing it, it doesn’t really matter. Whoever you’re applying the information to it doesn’t really matter—the model is the same.


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