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List-Building: Build a Rapport with Your List by Asking

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A great thing to do even before you try to build a list is to set up an “ASK” campaign. Focus on getting 100 answers about whatever it is you’re into. Then, you’ll know exactly what people want. With that information, you’re going to be able to write emails, write copy, and anything else you write, based on what people on your list want.

You can capture people’s names and email addresses, if you want to. But I might even hold off on that so you can get as many questions asked as possible within a shorter period of time.

Also limit how much you ask. The more fields you add in, the less likely people will fill them out. So I would go for, “What is your single, most burning question about [my business?]” Whatever that business is. Use your picture and signature. And say, “Find out what people want to know,” and go from there.

Use the answers you get to come up with bullet points, headline, and everything else on your squeeze page.

Yet, it all depends on how you want to position your ASK campaign and what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

If you’re going to use paid advertising to find out what people want, just ask them what they want as the first thing. Then on the thank-you page you might let them join your newsletter, or something like that and let them join your list.

Or, you might offer them an e-book on the squeeze page. Then, go to ClickBank and find an e-book you can promote. But do that after you find out what people want to know. “Thank you for subscribing. Your first lesson is on its way. While you’re waiting, ask them again, “What’s your single biggest question about weight loss?”

This will help you to know what your list wants. Build rapport with them. Then you can start recommending products.

I guarantee the people who are doing really well, are doing really well because they are able to build a bond and rapport with their lists very quickly and easily. What I’m giving you here are strategies to do just that. I’m saying build your foundation so you can really build rapport and find out what people on your list want first. Then start selling them stuff.

Start selling what list members said they already want, rather than trying to sell them what you want to sell them.

Make sense?
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