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Fraud Issues • Dick Grob – Stolen Valor

I am asking ALL Veterans to please send a message to and protest them having a liar and a fraud in the name of Richard Grob as a Guest Speaker at their Annual Memorial Week Celebration.

Here is a message I received from a friend. We do not need individuals such as this reaping rewards through lies and fraud! This person is a disgrace!

Vets Question Military Claims by Elvis’ Bodyguard

"When former Toledo policeman Richard Grob wrote a book about his
days as Elvis Presley’s bodyguard, he offered an impressive resume
beyond protecting the king of rock n’ roll: winning the Purple Heart
and the Silver Star for combat bravery.

"But those claims by the well-known Elvis celebrity have turned out
to be bogus – prompting an investigation by a local veteran’s

"The Lucas County Veterans Service Commission is trying to determine
if Richard Grob can be prosecuted by the claims in his book, The
Elvis Conspiracy?

"He ought to be ashamed for what he did. People have died for those
medals," said Robert Meter, director of the local office and a
Vietnam veteran.

"The inquiry began on Aug. 19 – a week after The Blade reported the
discrepancies in an article about Mr. Grob, a former Air National
Guard reservist who later became chief of security for Elvis Presley.

"A keynote speaker at national Elvis conventions, Mr. Grob wrote in
his book he was an Air Force officer who was awarded two of the
nation’s highest combat honors before he was eventually offered a job
by Elvis Presley in 1967.

"The son of an army officer killed in the Korean War, Mr. Grob
compares himself to his father by writing, "I received only one
Silver Star to his four, and only one Purple Heart to his four."

"But a review of the ex-policeman’s Air Force records show he dropped
out of the academy after 7 1/2 months in 1959, and spent three years
as an Air National Guard clerk and policeman in Harrisburg, Pa., and

"The records show he never served in Vietnam, and was discharged in
1964 as an airman second class – not a commissioned officer.

"Joe Esposito, one of Elvis’ closest friends and a longtime member of
the singer’s inner circle, said Mr. Grob used to talk about his
years "as a combat pilot" when they traveled on the road with Elvis
from 1967 to 1977.

"Dick told all of us, including Elvis, he was a fighter pilot," Mr.
Esposito told The Blade.

"He was shot down. I think Elvis was taken by that. I guess I
believed it at the time. I don’t know. We were all told the same
thing. Dick has been saying that stuff for years."

"The 1957 devilries High School graduate has been embroiled in
controversy before – most recently in 1997 when he claimed to have
found an unreleased recording of Elvis, a discovery that created
national news.

"But the record, which Mr. Grob says was signed and given to him by
Elvis, was challenged by RCA – which co-owns the rights to Elvis’
music – saying the voice did not belong to the legendary singer.

"Though Mr. Grob has weathered controversy before, the military
claims are being investigated by Mr. Mettler and other members of the
veterans commission. He says he is also asking the U.S. attorney’s
office in Toledo and the U.S. Air Force to assist in the

"Federal law bans anyone from impersonating an officer of any U.S.
military organization – a felony punishable by up to give years in
prison and a $10,000 fine.

"Assistant U.S. attorney David Bauer said if the former bodyguard
applied for benefits or veteran’s claims using the phony information,
he could be prosecuted. Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Ron Bowman,
a retired Army major general, said he’s asking the U.S. attorney’s
office to investigate the matter. "This is the type of stuff that
needs to be exposed," he said.

"In the past decade, the backgrounds of numerous political,
celebrity, and sports figures have been revealed, often costing them
their careers. Former Oregon Congressman Wes Cooley, a one-term
Republican, lost his seat in 1996 after it was revealed he lied about
serving in the army in Korea. Toronto Blue Jays manager Tim Johnson
was fired in 1999 after it was exposed that he fabricated tales of
fighting in Vietnam.

"Mr. Grob, who signs autographs and appears at Elvis fan events, was
most recently a guest speaker at a 25th anniversary event of Elvis’
death sponsored by Graceland in Memphis on August 14. Two days later,
he was the master of ceremonies at an event in Portland, Maine – the
city where Elvis was to perform before he died.

"Mr. Mettler says he investigates dozens of false claims a year by
people who contend they’ve served in the military, or received
combat recognition. But he says these claims have been the most high
profile from any veteran from this area.

"Ironically, Mr. Grob’s father, Richard Grob, Sr., was a legitimate
ware hero when he died in 1951, said Mr. Mettler. "He would probably
be rolling over in his grave if he knew this," he said.

"Edward Vincent, commander of the VFW Post 3013 in Springfield
Township, said Mr. Grob "has already hung himself" by including the
information in the biography of his book. "As far as I’m concerned
you expose these people for who they are, and you move on."

Article available in the archives of The Toledo Blade,

In his book he has verified the following false claims:
He states he was an Air Force Officer – when he was actually an enlisted personnel
He claims to have been awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star – both lies
He states that he was a fighter pilot -when he was a desk clerk

We cannot allow a person to disgrace the honor of of fellow military members who earned their awards through valiant service.

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