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4th of July, PTSD, Wedding, Helping Out: Vet’s Full Agenda

Soldier in uniform crouches by an SUV

Veteran Melvin Shick will celebrate the 4th of July remembering that “I fought for this land, to keep it free.” Even with PTSD and borderline Traumatic Brain Injury from combat in Iraq, he “has no regrets. We did our job.”

Do Men and Women Handle Post-Deployment Stress Differently?

portrait of a woman

Women service members are experiencing increased exposure to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, but a study by the National Center for PTSD has found that they are handling the stress as well as their male counterparts.

One in Ten Older Vets is Depressed

Elderly woman

Late life depression: an important problem for older Veterans with devastating consequences such as suicide. Family members and caregivers should watch for symptoms and notify their VA health provider as soon as possible.

Supporting Veterans at Every Age and Stage

Woman sitting in a chair

As part of a national collaboration between VA Medical Centers and area Offices on Aging, the Syracuse VA Medical Center is participating in the pilot program that allows Veterans to direct their care and keep their independence.

90-year-old Veteran with Glaucoma Still Sees Humor Every Day

Man in tuxedo from the 40s

A 90-year-old Veteran, receiving care for glaucoma at the VA Medical Center in New York City, entertains fellow members of his support group with jokes and stories from his show business career.