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I Say Thank You This Memorial Day Holiday

Rick Burdo Here!

A Proud American

I Say

Thank You

To All Our Veterans.

This Memorial Day holiday commemorates those men and women who gave their lives in the service of their country gives us and chance to reflect about what America is and what America stands for. It’s a day to give honor to these brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for their fellow man, giving their lives so others can enjoy the freedoms of this great country of ours. These Veterans, our brothers, our sisters, our families, all of America can be proud of each and everyone of these patriots.

“Memorial Day video with the U. S. Marine Corp Band playing “Taps.”

God Bless USA.

Rick Burdo

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Memorial Day

gravestones decorated with American flags

VA’s national ceremonies prepare to honor their military dead.

National Veterans Golden Age Games

three man croquet team

Veterans of war become veteran athletes at the National Veterans Golden Age Games. The rehabilitative senior sports program includes competitions in 14 different sports.

New Treatment Options for Tinnitus Sufferers

Books on a table

Tinnitus is a symptom that can’t be cured, but it can be lived with. The Progressive Tinnitus Management program teaches Veterans how to cope with the ringing in their ears through sound therapy and coping techniques.

Two Needs – One Great Solution

black puppy laying in the grass

Homeless Vets prepare puppies for training as explosive detection dogs in program designed to make a positive difference in the lives of Veterans and provide America with highly trained dogs in the fight against crime and terrorism.