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Miracles on a Mountainside

two men on mono-skis pause on a ski slope

350 Vets take part in the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic which promotes rehabilitation for Veterans fighting to win back their independence. Annual event introduces Vets to adaptive recreational activities and sports.

Rural Health: A Health Frontier

Two women look at a computer screen

For rural Veterans, Bad weather and long distances can make a trip to their local VA medical center impossible. How technology and commitment help a VA rural health program be ready and adaptable for any situation.

Vets Can Breathe Again with VA Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs

A woman assists a man on an exercise machine

Pulmonary Rehabilitation may be beneficial for Veterans with respiratory symptoms that result in diminished functional capacity or decreased quality of life. This includes patients with obstructive lung diseases and patients with interstitial lung disease and neuromuscular diseases.

Veteran with MS Vows to “Never Quit!”

Family photo outside of a man, woman, baby girl and puppy

Kevin Byrne, a Veteran army helicopter pilot with multiple sclerosis, credits “the amazing medical treatment that I receive from my doctors at the VA Hospital” with helping him maintain his daily life. Along with love and guidance from friends and family

Total Recall

man removing bottles of pills from a shelf

From drugs to medical devices, when there’s a product recall, VA has an efficient and effective system in place to quickly get the products off the shelves.