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What to do if your Veteran has a stroke


About 15,000 Veterans suffer a stroke each year. Family members and friends unexpectedly become a loved one’s caregiver and are caught unprepared for this new role. VA has a valuable website to assist caregivers. The RESCUE website has easy-to-understand information on 44 easy-to-read fact sheets.

Families At Ease: VA Program Helps Families Help Their Veterans


Many Veterans need help admitting or realizing they need help. “Families At Ease” program was developed by VA to work with family members and friends of Veterans to help them access VA facilities for services and benefits they have earned.

A Soldiers Silent Night | I Say Thank You To All Our Veterans | Merry Christmas 2010

Disabled Veteran

Rick Burdo Here;

I Say Thank You To All Our Veterans

God Bless America


Thank You

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High Tech Lab to Optimize Care for Veterans with Prosthetics

Three men in laboratory

VA has added the ability to maximize how Veterans function with prosthetic devices with new high tech “Gait and Motion Analysis” lab at VA’s Manhattan campus. Decisions on how a prosthesis is functioning is based on very sensitive high tech equipment.

Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

Bundt cake with candles and pine bough

It’s easy to indulge during the holidays, but these health tips will make it even easier to keep a watchful eye on your waistline; just remember these physical activity and nutrition tips from VA.